Moire’s Millinery
Why wear a hat? Hats can make you feel more confident, more special, more mysterious and very pretty. Besides.....every time you where a hat you will have more fun!
The Art of Millinery is not lost. Self taught, through extensive research from a large collection of books about the history of hats and millinery techniques, Moire’s original designs are created. The finest straw, felt and silk fabrics are used in every hand made hat.

Moire lives in Upstate New York and is available for speaking engagements and fundraiser advents. Recent events include:
Millinery display at “CROWNS" the musical, Geva Theater, Rochester, NY 2005. Clothesline Art Festival Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY 2005 - 2009,
Corn Hill Art Festival, Rochester, NY 2006 - 2009, third place winner in category with 419 artists.
Rochester Magazine July 2006.
Daystar Kentucky Derby, May 2007, 2008 and 2009
Child's Hope " Hopes and Dreams a Girls Night Out" Dearborn, MI 2007-2009
First Place winner Keuka Arts Festival 2009
Baltimore ACC Show 2010 & 2011
Morristown Armory Craftmarket 2010
American Craft Festival at Lincoln Center 2011